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Woodworks by Ted Todd

Patient restorers and makers of the finest antique, reclaimed and new wood floors and cladding.

Pushing the boundaries of what a handmade wood floor can be. Beautifully restored pieces of history, rare finds and exceptional new wood floors that outclass the rest. If you are a champion of the unique, the one off, the original then Woodworks is for you.

Not all new wood floors are created equal and we make no apologies for the fact that we regard our handmade floors as a cut above the rest. We’ve taken the skills and expertise we’ve acquired restoring antique floors and applied them to producing exceptional new wood floors – using only the finest quality wood.

It can take up to twelve stages to produce each handmade floor and as well as a choice of tone, texture, grain and detail and finish, we spend time on the smallest details because we know these are what set our floors apart. These are the heirloom floors of the future, for all project requirements.

Click here for a roundup of our New Floors for Autumn 2019

Antique & reclaimed

Our antique and reclaimed wood floors are beautifully restored pieces of history, brought back to life by our craftsmen in Cheshire. These floors have been around for hundreds of years and carry with them all of the characterful marks that nature intended. If you buy a Woodworks antique floor you acquire something that’s a bit different, something that stands out from the crowd.


We have an international reputation for our skills in reclaiming and restoring antique wood. The wood we restore can be many hundreds of years old and we take this responsibility very seriously. What really sets our antique floors apart is the time and care we put into every board. These are floors that have history locked into every burr and grain, and our craftspeople at our Cheshire workshop take extra care to respect marks created by centuries of use. The 20-stage process leaves our antique oak and elm with an elegant patina and a remarkable original look that celebrates the imperfections of time.

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Bold Surfaces

WOOD BEYOND THE FLOOR. These antique, reclaimed and new surfaces crafted from very special material add soul and beauty to any space and surface. Handcrafted in our Cheshire workshop using a number of delicate techniques, all our Bold Surfaces are packed with identity, bringing warmth and personality to a room, whatever the interior style. Uncover a mélange of tones, textures, materials and patterns, perfect for use on walls, ceilings, floors and joinery. Some Bold Surfaces can also be used as flooring, please ask the team for details. NEW TO WOODWORKS BY TED TODD BOLD SURFACES COLLECTION Reclaimed from old vodka vats, we’ve added Temno (shown above) in 15mm herringbone and plank to our portfolio. Knot free and quarter and rift sawn for a high-quality finish to be used as flooring or cladding, these boards are unique in every way. Talk to our team today to find out more and order free samples: Call, 01925 284 494, email, or get in touch

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Through our Carbonised portfolio we were the first company in the UK to introduce Shou Sugi Ban floors with commercial finishes.  Since then we’ve expanded the collection to include more exquisite, subtle and elegant tones, all using reclaimed Swiss Pine and antique Elm. All handmade from start to finish in our Cheshire workshops. Shou Sugi Ban is a painstakingly intricate process of charring wood to produce deep and silvery tones. SHOU SUGI BAN: RE-IMAGINING TRADITION Woodworks’ Carbonised portfolio pays tribute to the ancient Japanese process of Shou Sugi Ban, the intricate process of charring wood to produce deep, silvery tones. Our craftsmen have been hard at work and have created five new additions to our Carbonised portfolio that are a step forward from the dramatically dark traditional options. The latest additions to Woodworks’ Carbonised portfolio are crafted in our workshops in Cheshire from the finest Swiss Pine. We heavily brush the wood planks after charring, leaving behind a beautiful pattern and texture. This process reveals the original tone of the wood, highlighting a distinctive silvery grey grain. Five subtle tones are available, aptly named Oyster, Moth, Lead, Granite and Quartz, all showcasing the interesting grain patterns that have married traditional Shou Sugi Ban and modern techniques. Available in boards up to 4m in length, these 20mm thick planks can be used as wood flooring, wood wall cladding or wood cladding panels. Our naked skin lacquer seals the floor with an invisible finish, to ensure that while the boards are hardwearing they have a very natural ‘unfinished’ look. Talk to our team today to find out more: Call, 01925 284 494, email, or get in touch

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Rare Finds

Never to be repeated wood. As the world becomes increasingly more urbanised, we all yearn to be closer to nature. An antique reclaimed wood floor provides a connection to the outdoors and the wonders of the natural world. The wood in our Rare Finds portfolio has already been around for hundreds of years, often originating hundreds of miles from British shores. We’ve traced and acquired wood from the Old War Office, reclaimed genuine Teak floorboards from former Dutch East Indies homes. The next chapter in its story is up to you. We would love you to see our Woodworks by Ted Todd Rare Finds. Book an appointment in one of our Design Centres via the Woodworks by Ted Todd website or call us today. NEW TO WOODWORKS RARE FINDS We travelled almost 5,000 miles to reclaim a history-packed Burmese Teak from South East Asia.

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Handmade floors

We’ve taken the skills we’ve acquired restoring antique wood floors and applied them to producing the finest handmade new wood floors. Each of our handmade wood floors is given a ‘personality’; a unique combination of pattern, colour, texture, width and finish. These floors have been handmade in the UK, using the very best European Oak, Douglas Fir, Larch, Pine and American Black Walnut.


PAYING HOMAGE TO CENTURIES-OLD ORIGINALS. Emulating wood floors that have been walked on for centuries, our Aged wood floors embody all the characteristics of our favourite antique wood floors. We’ve paired traditional values with modern application, adding beautiful hand-rolled edges to all Aged floors, for the ultimate Woodworks finish. Every Aged floor has been crafted from European Oak from Quercy, France. Choose from plank, chevron, herringbone and Parquet de Versailles formats, all with a 2-ply engineered construction. NEW TO WOODWORKS BY TED TODD AGED COLLECTION Rouby (shown above) has been soft sanded and black filled for a Scandinavian look. Talk to our team today to find out more and order free samples: Call, 01925 284 494, email, or get in touch

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THOUGHTFULLY DESIGNED ONE-OF-A-KIND FLOORS. Featuring subtle textures, open grain patterns and exquisite tones, our Editions floors are handcrafted from the very best, sustainably sourced European Oak, Douglas Fir, American Black Walnut and European Larch. Lovingly designed, handmade and slow cured in our Cheshire workshops, our Editions floors are not limited by the restrictions of factory finished floors. Now also available in Select Grade, and with a wide range of colours in plank and herringbone, these unique floors have a raw look and natural feel without sacrificing durability. All floors in this collection are engineered. Talk to our team today to find out more and order free samples: Call, 01925 284 494, email, or get in touch

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PERFECTLY PROPORTIONED. INTRICATE CRAFTSMANSHIP. Choose from the beauty of end grain, exceptionally proportioned Parquet de Versailles, classic chevron or our very own specially innovated circular patterns. We’re passionate about parquetry; these floors are perfectly designed and engineered to stand up to the challenge of time and available in 16mm-21mm depths. These intricate floors showcase the talents of our craftspeople in each and every block, shape and panel. Containing exquisite designs and strong architectural statements in a number of tones these floors transform your project entirely. All floors in this collection are engineered.

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The Woodworks by Ted Todd Superfine portfolio represents the perfect marriage between contemporary design, the finest materials and an extraordinary choice of delicate tones. Superprime Oak is subtle, clean and contains minimal knots, sap and colour variation. All finish options are slow cured for a natural feel that is very durable. Superfine is also available in a nature grade for a more lively appearance or an extra-long length superprime for the ultimate contemporary wood floor.

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TIMELESS ARCHITECTURAL SIMPLICITY. Statement floors with true modernity, these super wide planks and oversized herringbone blocks add architectural emphasis to all interiors. All finish options have been slow cured for a natural feel, with high durability, meaning these boards can stand up to the test of high traffic areas. Now every engineered super wide Oak board is available in select grade for greater consistency and available in widths of up to 300mm, to make a big impact on larger spaces. This time round we’ve added our new Scandi-style Douglas Fir Superwide, Egret. Designed with clean living and minimalist design in mind Egret is 300mm wide and 3m long and is a particularly effective board in modern residential areas and workspaces. All floors in this collection are engineered. NEW TO WOODWORKS BY TED TODD SUPERWIDE COLLECTION Egret (shown above) captures the timeless simplicity of sustainably sourced Douglas Fir in 300mm super wide boards, and long lengths up to 3m. Talk to our team today to find out more and order free samples: Call, 01925 284 494, email, or get in touch

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GREAT INDUSTRIAL INNOVATIONS Hosting a remarkable invisible finish and a 6mm wear layer, these skip sawn chevron, herringbone blocks and planks are extremely durable and enduring in their appeal. Crafted using responsibly sourced, FSCTM certified European Oak, they are a perfect choice for sustainable projects. Returning is Kentish. Available in Nature Grade Oak with handrolled edges and a natural tone, this floor is extremely versatile and can work effectively in any project. All floors in this collection are engineered.

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How to buy

Call 01925 283 000 to request a quote or place an order.


Our Portfolio contains all the information you need about our floors and accessories, including specifications and trade prices.

Request a priced copy, or view our unpriced version online.


The best way to get an idea of the tone and the feel of a floor is by visiting our Design Centres, but the next best thing is looking at samples.

You can order up to 3 samples free of charge, which will be dispatched to you next day.

20 Year Guarantee

All of our floors come with the Ted Todd warranty, which is a reflection of the confidence we have in our floors.

If you install the floor according to our guidelines, then we can guarantee that our 15mm floors will be free from structural defects for 20 years, and our 20mm floors will be free from structural defects for 25 years.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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