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Pushing the boundaries of what a handmade wood floor can be. Beautifully restored pieces of history, rare finds and exceptional new wood floors that outclass the rest. If you are a champion of the unique, the one off, the original then Woodworks is for you.

Not all new wood floors are created equal and we make no apologies for the fact that we regard our handmade floors as a cut above the rest. We’ve taken the skills and expertise we’ve acquired restoring antique floors and applied them to producing exceptional new wood floors – using only the finest quality wood.

It can take up to twelve stages to produce each handmade floor and as well as a choice of tone, texture, grain and detail and finish, we spend time on the smallest details because we know these are what set our floors apart. These are the heirloom floors of the future, for all project requirements.

Antique & reclaimed

Our antique and reclaimed wood floors are beautifully restored pieces of history, brought back to life by our craftsmen in Cheshire. These floors have been around for hundreds of years and carry with them all of the characterful marks that nature intended. If you buy a Woodworks antique floor you acquire something that’s a bit different, something that stands out from the crowd.


Our Antique floors are all distinctive in their individuality and fully-restored to reveal the beauty of their heritage, destined to be loved and admired for decades to come. These woods are the definition of an exemplary find, something with history embedded in its very core. Our expert craftsmen have restored and rejuvenated this wood and each floor is hand polished up to ten times before installation. Commission classic floorboards or more intricate parquetry and panels.

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Bold Surfaces

Our Bold Surfaces portfolio is packed full of personality and patina. Expect to find vibrant secrets and hidden surprises within each plank; capturing a lifetime of adventure, history and heritage. We’ve travelled halfway across the globe to salvage Teak from Javanese fishing boats and hunted down the finest Victorian floorboards, rare, unique and truly exceptional treasures. The characterful markings that point to former uses have been accentuated during the restoration process of these reclaimed pieces to capture the essence of their origins.

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Our Carbonised Collection pays homage to the ancient Japanese process of Shou Sugi Ban. Shou Sugi Ban is a painstakingly intricate process of charring wood to produce deep and silvery tones. Our artisans produce simple planks, geometric squares and more complex circular designs, resulting in statement masterpieces, perfect for those with a flair for dramatics. Not only is our Carbonised portfolio created using antique techniques, the wood used is also antique; a flawless fusion of artistic approaches and historic origins. The traditional Japanese practice of Shou Sugi Ban dates back as early as the 1700s. The process involves charring wood to provide a beautiful and long lasting timber.

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Rare Finds

Each of our Rare Finds has a unique story attached to it. We’ve traced and acquired wood that was brought in from former colonies to feed the growth of Britain in the midst of the industrial revolution. The wood we use has already been around for hundreds of years, having served its time in warehouses and public spaces, often originating hundreds of miles from our British shores. This wood has now been lovingly restored by our expert craftsmen and is ready for a new adventure.

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Handmade floors

We’ve taken the skills we’ve acquired restoring antique wood floors and applied them to producing the finest handmade new wood floors. Each of our handmade wood floors is given a ‘personality’; a unique combination of pattern, colour, texture, width and finish. These floors have been handmade in the UK, using the very best European Oak, Douglas Fir, Larch, Pine and American Black Walnut.


Our Aged floors are made from the finest French Oak sourced from the Quercy region in France. The hours of handwork spent on each floor emphasises the  flow of the grain and the undulating texture, from rich dark tones to light chalky finishes. Before our artisans get their hands on these oak planks, the raw boards are left to season for up to 24 months. During this time the oak loses its tension, the fibres settle and the knots harden. Only then is it ready to be crafted into a  Woodworks Aged floor in either plank, chevron or herringbone formats, all with a 6mm wear layer.

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From subtle unfinished textures, open grain and exquisite tones, our Editions  floors are handcrafted to perfection and stand out from the crowd. These floors have been lovingly designed, developed and hand-finished by our craftsmen. The wood used in our Editions collection is the very best sustainably sourced European Oak, Douglas Fir, Larch and American Black Walnut, all with a 6mm wear layer. The bleached tones and smoky washed hues accentuate the open grain patterns, creating characterful boards punctuated with natural knots. Like Rome,  these floors weren’t built in a day. Good things take time and these floors are made to order.

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Lab harnesses our artisans’ experimental creativity, where innovation drives the creation of these truly one-off floors. Boundaries simply do not exist in Lab, where we are constantly finessing our skills to be ahead of the pack when it comes to pioneering the finest in flooring. We are the only company to mix the finest materials with the finest craftsmanship to create truly innovative floors.

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Parquetry is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance. From timeless chevron designs to rarely seen before circular panels our Parquetry collection brings together the most exquisite designs and architectural statements. Choose from simple squares that highlight the beauty of end grain wood or intricate patterns fumed to accentuate the rich patina of the wood. Our Parquetry floors come with all of the FSC® certifications you’d expect, as the American Black Walnut and European Oak has been sourced from responsibility managed forests. These handcrafted floors highlight the talent and innovation of our craftsmen.

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Crafted using superprime grade Oak, our Superfine floors represent the perfect marriage between contemporary design and the finest materials. These striking planks, with a 6mm wear layer, have been handcrafted to create the ultimate in elegance and refinement. The subtle and delicate tones of Superfine are highlighted through soft brushing techniques, which accentuate the naturally open grain patterns. Every Superfine board has been thoughtfully designed and lovingly handcrafted for you by our artisans. Amazingly, only 1 in 1000 boards can be selected as Superfine, when you choose one of the floors you get serious exclusivity.

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Our Superwide floors are a celebration of British wood flooring craftsmanship. These wide planks and oversize herringbone panels deliver discreet style, underpinned with design that unites luxury and performance. Made from nature grade European Oak for the ultimate in stability and boasting a sturdy 6mm wear layer, Superwide’s broad planks are a combination of statement grain, majestic hues and unmistakably high-end finishes.

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If you’re looking to work an eclectic, industrial feel into your next project, the skip sawn chevron and herringbone blocks and textured planks from our Urban portfolio are the perfect choice. While the floors may have a worn look, the finish applied to the wood ensures that it is extremely durable with no colour fading and  a 6mm wear layer. The European Oak used in this is responsibly sourced and has all of the FSC® certifications that you’d expect.

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How to buy

Call 01925 283 000 to request a quote or place an order.


Our Portfolio contains all the information you need about our floors and accessories, including specifications and trade prices.

Request a priced copy, or view our unpriced version online.


The best way to get an idea of the tone and the feel of a floor is by visiting our Design Centres, but the next best thing is looking at samples.

You can order up to 3 samples free of charge, which will be dispatched to you next day.

20 Year Guarantee

All of our floors come with the Ted Todd warranty, which is a reflection of the confidence we have in our floors.

If you install the floor according to our guidelines, then we can guarantee that our 15mm floors will be free from structural defects for 20 years, and our 20mm floors will be free from structural defects for 25 years.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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