Treehouse Hotel, Marylebone

The Treehouse Hotel aims to offer an interesting new kind of hospitality which is both fun and functional. Many of the wooden surfaces in this immersive experience, including the flooring, cladding, skirting and surrounds, were developed by Woodworks by Ted Todd using salvaged farm cart oak.

This fresh hotel concept has been developed by Barry Sternlicht, founder of Starwood Capital Group, to fill a gap in the market and has been eagerly anticipated by key figures on the London hotel scene.

Located in the cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Marylebone, offering prime views over London, the Treehouse is a rustic escape that that feels more ‘home’ than ‘hotel’.

With an ethos firmly rooted around themes of urban sustainability, the Treehouse is relentlessly committed to reducing single-use plastic and have their own composting and recycling program – carrying forward it’s eco-consciousness throughout all hotel operations from its very inception.

Designed by award-winning agency, Keane Brands, the hotel is partly constructed using recycled building materials. The design is an expert blend of modern and vintage where natural timber finishes contrast with the moody concrete walls.

This playful rustic escape is filled to the brim with recycled wood, greenery and elegant details. Keane creates lifestyle experiences that are both magical and memorable for people to eat, stay and play and Treehouse Hotel is no exception.

In a recent interview with Premier Hospitality, Sam Smith of Keane Brands said, “The urban surroundings are balanced with a warmth of natural materials, handcrafted details, upcycled furniture and found objects”.

With reclamation being at the heart of both businesses, it made perfect sense for Keane to approach Studio Ted Todd to supply the flooring and cladding for The Treehouse’s breath-taking project. It’s where the businesses started and it’s how they grew. As such, a sustainable restored antique wood floor was the only logical option.

As a team, we landed on Fledgling. These oak boards were claimed from antiquated farm carts and hay barns, and their next chapter was written by our masterful hand-craftsmen in Cheshire, who worked with every piece to create a flooring with historical, delicate, soulful notes. Plus, with each and every piece being granted new life, the environmental impact from this project was minimal.

Getting this exact look is a challenge, due to the Fledgling board being a legacy product, but we have a range of similarly impressive flooring and cladding options throughout our Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd portfolios.

Cosy, welcoming and colourful, just like your childhood clubhouse, The Treehouse is a rustic escape that perfectly demonstrates modern sensibility whilst offering an insurgent new hospitality experience which won’t harm your all-important eco-credentials. Woodworks by Ted Todd thrive in these ambitious conditions and we are unrivalled in our ability to provide vast amounts of high-standard reclaimed wood for large-scale projects, so don’t be limited by your own ambition. 

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