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Studio Ted Todd was called in to provide flooring for this luxury residential barn conversion near Macclesfield in the heart of the Cheshire Countryside. Working closely with the developer, The Housemaker, we created beautiful wood floors and walls to finish the stunning interior before the properties opened for viewings.

Each property in the Home Farm Barns has a unique layout, so our experienced team were consulted to choose flooring to bring out the best of the individual spaces. After a visit to the development, we came up with a range of solutions to highlight the bespoke nature of each house, offering modern design accents while keeping a close eye on the developer’s commitment to the conservation of original features.

In the properties with simple straight rooms we opted for plank flooring, while homes with multi-directional spaces benefited from a parquet herringbone option. The undulating texture of Warehouse was selected for its rustic charm, with the Raw Cotton and Fleece tones giving each home a contemporary twist.

We then pared carefully selected walls with the floors, and cladded the downstairs cloakrooms for a luxurious Ski Lodge feel. We also advised the client to apply two coats of neat Ted Todd Intensive polish and buff once dry. This gave the floor a wonderful patina and helped to highlight the shadows and unique texture. The intensive polish dries in just 20 minutes, quickly giving the floor added protection from wear and tear.

Our team was also commissioned to provide Antique Wood floors for the restoration of the main farm house.

The floors and walls from Ted Todd had a massive impact on this development. ‘Wow’ is the standard response we get and this is all down to the great walls and floors

Peter George, Development Director at The Housemaker

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Project location — Cheshire, United Kingdom

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