Brasserie Blanc

The award winning Brasserie Blanc at Fulham Reach is a destination restaurant conceptualised by 3Stories, that offsets plush velvets against industrial elements.

The site’s history as a Haig distillery is evident in in its central bar, with its faceted front and cut glass pendants reminiscent of whiskey tumblers.

Our copper herringbone – Gaslamp – was used throughout the space, adding a warmth that is evocative of the amber hue of whiskey.

Copper leaf is painstakingly applied by hand in our workshop to create an unparalleled finish, before being coated with our durable yet subtle naked skin lacquer.

Throughout the space, Gaslamp seamlessly transitions into Hoxton, a skip-sawn herringbone with hand rolled edges that has a raw, industrial aesthetic.

Gaslamp and Hoxton are both from our Urban portfolio by Woodworks by Ted Todd.

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Project location — Fulham, UK

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