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We were approached by this central London Asset Management company when they were refurbishing their offices. They were looking for something that had character, and that was of the highest quality, that could be used for flooring, cladding, and bespoke desks.

Seaforth, from our Rare Finds portfolio, was ultimately specified due to its unique story and qualities.

We reclaimed Seaforth from a disused warehouse on the Liverpool docks. In previous years, the warehouses in the area were used by the timber industry to store wood from all over the world. In World War 2, the dock endured heavy bombing which led to fire damage. This historical damage was still present when we reclaimed the 6 metre longleaf pine beams, evident in the blackened sections of some of the timber.

Longleaf pine, also known as pitch pine, takes up to 150 years to mature, and may live to up to 500 years old. Traditionally, pitch pine was used for applications that required very durable and sturdy timber, and so was often used for masts, bridges, railroad carriages and railroad sleepers.

Once the timber was in our reclamation centre, we handcrafted them into engineered planks. Most of the boards are rift sawn which is very unusual, as it means the grain of the boards run at a 45° angle.

As Seaforth was one of our Rare Finds, it meant that we only had a limited amount in stock. The stock has now all been sold, but you can see the details of Northbank – a similar reclaimed Pine – below.

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