Super Wide Engineered Plank & Herringbone Wood Flooring

Big Floors For Big Spaces

Our Expertise

Back in 1998, when construction of The Millennium Dome began, the Spice Girls topped the charts and The Good Friday agreement was signed, our craftsmen were busy innovating the first 300mm-wide engineered planks for UK floor specifiers. We were the first people to work with 300mm-wide engineered planks, pioneering the ability to create and craft design possibilities with these statement pieces of timber, providing projects all over the world with these simply stunning statement floors. Now with 20 years’ experience in developing our craft with super wide planks, our scholarly knowledge is truly unrivalled in the industry. Superwide provides wonderful long and wide plank designs complemented by a collection of oversized herringbone blocks. Every single one of our Woodworks floors is hand created in our British workshops, using only the finest sustainably sourced hardwoods from Great Britain, Europe and North America.

This scholarly knowledge working with super wide planks enables us to provide you with the highest quality super wide timber for your projects, from the complex hand finished durable patinas we create, superior engineered construction to the characterful and lively oak we use, others simply cannot compete. If you were to specify an inferior imitation you would be specifying a floor made from bland oaks, mediocre constructions, and shorter lengths which are all finished with quick and easy finishes. Our Superwide floors are truly handmade, using only genuine FSC ® certified European oak with phenomenal specification where planks and herringbones can be crafted, providing you with endless project design possibilities. Alongside these possibilities comes the added aspect of durability, all Ted Todd Superwide floors have an extra thick 6mm hardwood wear layer and our 2-ply engineered construction is made with high quality furniture-grade birch plywood for long-term stability.

Design Choice

These are statement floors for statement projects. They accentuate big spaces, make them feel extra special and help maximise the impact of your design flair. For herringbone, the 600 x 200mm format of Superwide is made in classic 3 x 1 proportions, but in an extra special size. This oversized herringbone works remarkably well on its own but also perfectly complements the Superwide planks, providing the opportunity to give your project a new dimension.


For our Superwide floors, we meticulously source slow-grown European oak for its massive dimensions and ‘Wagner-esque’ impact. The planks are up to an impressive 3.5m long and 300mm wide. We season all this slow grown European oak for over 12 months. Why? Because long seasoning is incredibly important for wide dimension floors. It ensures that the oak loses its natural tensions; in turn, this is vital to achieve optimum stability in your Superwide plank floor.

Bespoke Finishes

Choose from a rich, deeply polished Burnished Hardwax Oil or dry-looking super-matt unfinished Naked Skin Lacquer. Both are equally beautiful while still being durable and practical for specific high traffic project requirements. Look forward to your clients enjoying the gorgeous open grain patterns alongside warm oak tones which can only be created through our painstakingly intricate process of hand  brushing the wood delicately which in turn highlights the oak’s unique and beautiful natural grain patterns

The long board lengths reduce the number of seams in this super wide plank floor resulting in stunning understated elegance and simplicity. A range of architectural elements are available to accompany installation of these Superwide floors including a range of skirting’s, profiles, stair nosing’s to ensure a stylish integration with other interior elements.

Master craftsman notes

‘ I love every floor that I develop and create, but there’s something particularly impressive about Superwide. It’s big and striking. Pick your design application carefully, then unleash this flooring powerhouse and look forward to the admiring “ohhs and aahs” that it inevitably inspires.’

Superwide Flooring Collection