New Floors For Autumn 2018

This Autumn, we’ve introduced brand new wood floors across both our Ted Todd and Woodworks by Ted Todd portfolios.

Our new wood floors are all available in on-trend tones and designs, to ensure you find the right wood floor for your project.

Read on to discover what’s new…




Our Project collection now has 4 extra-wide floors that are 260mm in width, as well as 4 new 190mm options. Rounding off the collection is a new unfinished option, perfect for projects with exacting finishing requirements.





Create® has 5 new tones, all of which are available in planks, herringbone and chevron to ensure maximum versatility.






Editions is now home to 3 new beautifully handcrafted wood floors that are constructed from the finest new timber – all in contemporary, ‘greige’ tones.




We have further curated our Antique portfolio to make sure its easy for you to choose the exact design, tone and texture that you’re looking for in an antique wood floor. We now have seven antique Oak floors available in 7 designs, as well as six designs available in antique Elm.



Rare Finds

We’ve discovered 3 new Rare Finds that are now available to specify, all of which have wonderful tales of history and adventure, including pine that has been extracted from Winston Churchill’s War Office.



Our craftsmen have been experimenting and have 3 new floors to add to our Lab portfolio. The floors are a new spin on our in-plank chevron, with alternating saw marks across the boards to create a ‘criss cross’ pattern. Colour is then worn into the saw marks to create a raw, industrial look that will feel at home in a commercial environment.