New Floors for 2019: Carbonised

Carbonised, from our Woodworks portfolio, is a collection inspired by the ancient Japanese process of Shou Sugi Ban.

Shou Sugi Ban involves charring timber until the surface starts to smoulder, before deep brushing it to reveal a beautifully textured piece of wood that is resistant to fire, infestation and decay.

Originally used in the 18th Century as a way of prolonging the life of the timber, Shou Sugi Ban was traditionally found on the exterior of buildings. Today it has also transitioned to interiors, often being used as wall cladding, ceiling cladding and wood flooring.

After being charred at our workshop, each board is brushed by hand to varying degrees. Some result in a subtle nod towards the traditional roots of the technique, with the clean, black lines of charring only visible in the grain of the wood; others are charred to a deeper, more dramatic finish as stand-out examples of Shou Sugi Ban.

We have added five new floors to our Carbonised portfolio, all of which are constructed from the finest Swiss pine.

Quartz, a new hero of the collection, showcases reclaimed Swiss pine at its best. Purple-hued smokey tones flow across the boards, creating an elegant foundation for the characterful knots and distinctive grain patterns that are elevated by the shadows left behind by the soot that formed during the charring process.

Other new floors we have introduced to Carbonised are Oyster, Moth, Granite and Lead, all of which have a deeper, warmer tone than the last.