Fitting a parquet or panel wood floor

Site checks

Before commencing installation ensure the requirements have been met for Jobsite Conditions, Moisture Testing, and Acclimatisation.

Acceptable subfloors

For full information, please refer to ‘acceptable subfloors’.

Parquet can be laid over concrete or solid panel subfloors.

Parquet cannot be installed directly on to solid board subfloors. A parquet installation over solid-board subflooring requires 12mm or better underlayment panels.

Installation guidelines

Parquet is recommended for glue down installation using Ted Todd MS Flex only.

Ensure Ted Todd Primerfast Vapour retarder has been applied unless with the use of underfloor heating.

A minimum expansion space of 15mm must be left around the perimeter and all vertical obstructions.

Please refer to Ted Todd’s MS Flex and Primerfast data sheets for more information.

Parquet layouts

Parquet can be laid in many different designs, and considerations to the design you require will affect how you begin your installation.

The different laying methods include ‘Square layout from the centre of the room’, ‘installation of herringbone using square or diagonal layout’, and ‘square layout from the wall’. Further details of these installation methods can be requested from our sales team.

N.B. To find the centre of the room please use the Trammel Point Method.