Ted Todd recommends that all floors are acclimatised within their packs for 2 to 3 days in the room to be installed to allow the temperature of the floor to equalize with its environment ensuring job site conditions are met.

Ensure that the building is enclosed.

Verify that the building is maintained at normal living conditions for temperature and humidity. Where building codes allow, permanent heating and/or air-conditioning systems should be operating at least five days preceding installation to promote proper acclimatisation.

If it is not possible for the permanent heating and/or air-conditioning system to be operating before, during and after installation, a temporary heating and/or dehumidification system that will mimic normal temperature and humidity conditions can enable the installation to proceed until the permanent heating and/or air-conditioning system is operating.

Packs should be stacked flat on the floor or on battens (not upright) allowing for airflow around the stacks.

If the delivery is for more than one room the order should be broken down into the individual room quantities and stored in the respective rooms.