What is Fidbox?

A Fidbox is a battery powered temperature and humidity measuring device that is fitted beneath a wood floor. The Fidbox is fitted by the installer, and is then monitored through an app on a smart phone. Almost all problems with wood floors come from temperature or humidity changes. Fidboxes can be particularly useful with underfloor heating to monitor heat and humidity levels, as extreme temperatures can affect the quality and structure of the wood. The Fidbox records all these factors and allows you to avoid future problems. Every 8 minutes, the Fidbox sends live readings of the heat and humidity levels to the app, letting you see the results in a visual, coloured scale.

How much floor does it cover?

You need approximately 1 Fidbox per 50sqm.

Ted Todd Guarantee

For the Ted Todd guarantee to be valid, the Ted Todd Fidbox system must be used for any installations with under floor heating.