Made up of individual elements arranged into a variety of designs, herringbone patterns have a strong design impact and works well in all interior styles.

Inspired by traditional floors, our planks range from narrow width (80mm), to traditional floorboard width (140mm) and wide planks (180 to 220mm), making them incredibly versatile.

Sometimes confused for herringbone, chevrons are angled at 45 or 33 degrees for a strong statement look.

Our squares are an unusual format for a wood floor. Mix with planks, chevron or herringbone or lay on their own for a statement look.

Our stunning wood floors don’t just look good on the floor. For a creative look, use them on walls, ceilings, doors or furniture.

Our panels give you a fresh take on traditional designs, perfect for rooms of all shapes and sizes. Super-stylish and brilliantly versatile, they will transform your interior.

If you’re on the hunt for a statement floor – chock-full of personality and ready to impress – you’ll fall head over heels for our Patterned floors.