Installation products

MS Flex 10kg & 600ml

  • A single component MS Technology adhesive ideal for gluing solid and engineered floors.
  • Totally free from water, solvents, amines, epoxy resins and isocyanates
  • Suitable for cement, marble, titles and wood subfloors
  • Suitable for under floor heating
  • Specific weight: 1.45 kg/Ltr
  • Coverage 10-12m2
  • Certification EC1R, heat conduction, noise reduction

Stock Code Specification Package Size
ACCADH01 MS Flex 10kg 1 x 10kg
ACCADH02 600ml MS Flex Sausages 1 x 600ml

Mastic Filler

  • A solvent and silicone free, odourless polyacrylate mastic for filling gaps between differing flooring elements or skirting boards.
  • Available in different colours: Maple, Oak, Walnut, Wenge and White

Stock Code Specification Package Size
ACCM&R27 Walnut 310ml
ACCM&R28 White 310ml
ACCM&R29 Oak 310ml
ACCM&R30 Wenge 310ml
ACCM&R41 Maple 310ml
ACCM\R34 Grey 310ml

T&G Adhesive

  • A class D3 special adhesive for gluing the tongue and groove when floating engineered floors
  • Open time 5min
  • 4-6 hours hardening
  • Coverage 20-30g per m2

Stock Code Specification Package Size
ACCADH03 T&G Adhesive 500ml

Adhesive Trowel

  • Adhesive Trowel for applying MS Flex
  • Notch depth 3mm for applying MS Flex to smooth subfloors
  • Notch depth 5mm for applying Unisil to rough subfloors

Stock Code Specification Package Size
ACCFTO02 Adhesive Trowel 3mm 1
ACCFTO03 Adhesive Trowel 5mm 1

Repair Adhesive

  • 2K Vinyl Adhesive in a silicone gun for quick wooden floor repairs.
  • Self Mixing
  • Application with cartridge gun
  • Fast setting

Stock Code Specification Package Size
ultrakit Repair Adhesive 125ml